End-to-End Identity Voice Recognition Verification

Perform Global KYC & AML Checks
By utilising a range of industry leading ID verification tools

Fulfil Compliance & Customer Due Diligence
By verifying the identities of customers & detecting high risk individuals

Flexible to Any Business Need
By customising our variety of ID solutions to your business processes

Reduce Fraud & Implement Safe & Secure Onboarding
By ensuring only valid & accurate customer data enters your systems

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With Seek Recruiter’s Identity Verification Solutions, You Can:

Ensure a person is who they say they are while meeting your KYC & AML identity verification requirements

Leverage a seamless end-to-end process to establish, maintain and safely track customer data

Automate the entire identity checking process while confidently maintaining safe & secure onboarding of customers & individuals

Streamline solutions with several services that offer a structured framework to serve risk policies across different departments

Our Customers

What Our Customers Say

"I can't believe it's so comprehensive and easy to use!"

"The amount of data you can buy is so expansive and the price is quite a bit less for some data fields versus other competitors. They are also so easy to deal with - some other companies have passed me from salesperson to salesperson before being able to see any data, but with Seek Recruiter, I got access right away and support when I needed it."

Joshua L. - Small Business User

"Great Flexibility"

"I had a couple of things that I needed in their interface and Seek Recruiter Data made modifications to enable those capabilities within a couple of weeks. They were common sense things that were available in their free lookup but were missing in their batch and Salesforce products. Great responsiveness! Other SaaS companies never provide that kind of service."

Jack O. – Small-Business User

“An easy and accurate way to consolidate contact records while cutting down on operational costs.”

"Our donor database cleanup was an ongoing problem for the non-profit I worked for. We had years of hair pulling and thousands of dollars spent trying to keep it up to date. Spending time on Google or county tax sites doing reverse searches for homeowners names based on addresses was very time consuming and often provided inaccurate results. We needed an affordable way to clean our data in..."

Liz M. – Small-Business User in Marketing Marketing and Advertising

“Useful and Cost Saving on several fronts. My New Best Friend"

"Outside of the primary function as a small business, we are able to unify the state and contacts for internal and external customers. The interface is simplistic and user friendly. We liked that it was fully integrable with a couple of other solutions that we use or intend on using. There was a very little learning curve as well which made it easy to implement."

Jarvis J. – Mid-Market User

Proof of Concept Testing Available

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  • A 30-day free trial so you can test our identity verification solutions in your environment.
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  • < 120-Day ROI guarantee.
  • Flexible Solutions including cloud APIs, software and integrations for Excel, Salesforce, SQL Server Shopware and more.